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Epee competition club night at st paul's school open to all fencers on 9.11.11

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Right the winner was definitely someone named 'Mark' but he is not a cadet. There was a cadet that kept killing everyone but he apparently came 2nd or 3rd. Mark is definitely a senior and apparently gleaned his epee technique from the stalwarts at the Landsdowne but he is also a 3 weapon fencer and belongs to two other clubs.

Now had I won, I would have been able to give everyone really clear details of everyone else's positions, but I was clearly traumatised by the whole experience and suffered severe injuries that impaired my performance and attention to detail .

Anyway, as noted before, the next club night is thought to be on 7.12.11. If you go I hope you have fun and give last months champions a run for their money.