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🤺 Dutch filmmakers are producing a fencing film! 🤺

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The short film Double D tells the story about 13-year old Puck who is confronted by her changing body that starts to develop more traits associated with femininity at a fencing camp, she is forced to reevaluate the relationship she has to her body.

It will be a very personal film, because the director is a fencer herself. Fencing will be a great motive in the film. Besides that, fencing is not a common subject in filmmaking history. We wanted to make a change and show people how beautiful the sports is by sending the film to different film festivals across the world.

Unfortunately, filmmaking canít be free. Want to help us make this short film, and get it to screens near you (or get a link so you can see the film)? Support us through a small contribution via

Want to know more about this film? Follow the filmís Facebook page:
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  1. MarjorieKnight's Avatar
    I love watching short films for two reasons, one it is brief and second it is highly moral. This fencing short film seems interesting. We must encourage these sports by review. It is a game which has been forgotten. Thank you for the post.