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    Default LP Ranges

    With LP jacket ranges, what is the difference from each of them (I.e. Spartan Range, Pheonix Range etc...)

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    Those available on their website today...

    All are full stretch (all of it stretches in all directions) apart from the Spartan.
    The Phoenix and London have a wicking lining.

    Spartan - cheap 350N kit. I hate it.
    Phoenix - very good 350N kit but a touch expensive.
    Team - standard FIE kit. In my opinion not the best out there but it does the job.
    London - excellent FIE kit. Probably the best in the world.

    Only the Team appears to be made in tall sizes as standard.

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    I believe the London range is made to measure so will fit even the gangliest fencer.
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    I got the Team kit and have been very pleased with it.
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    Default LP London Range

    Quote Originally Posted by munkey View Post
    I believe the London range is made to measure so will fit even the gangliest fencer.
    One year on (to the day) and sadly no longer the case I am given to understand
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    London range can be made to measure but at extra cost. Made to measure means changes beond basic tweaks and involves a monday to friday fitting in London with the tailor and comes at a 30% surcharge.

    We can tweak sleeve length, body length and leg length if necessary on the London range only at no extra charge.

    We used to offer this service on other ranges but it became too costly.

    We found that 90% of requests were for between 1.5 and 2.5 extra inches on the length of items so we introduced the team range in long which is 2" longer in sleeve, body and leg.

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