At the risk of repeating myself,for those of you who don't delve deeper into these forums....

There's a BAF level 1 foil coaching course being run at Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh on 15-16 May 2004

Great chance to gain the skills to give basic lessons etc (great for warm-ups before competitions, or helping to coach in a club - I know some uni clubs have no qualified coaches, this could be a good way to tide you over!!) - possibility to gain a basic coaching qualification, letting you join the BAF and get coaching insurance etc

Also, great for to improving your own fencing - half the time you will be getting lessons from others onthe course!!

Cost is 30 (20 for students) for the 2 days

syllabus covered is on (click on"level one coaching award")

full bumf here or pm me with your email address