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Thread: Newham LPJS 5th - 6th November

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    Default Newham LPJS 5th - 6th November


    There will be an LPJS foil competition on November 8th and 9th.

    We have asked for it to be put on the LPJS calendar but not sure why it is not on there yet so please spread the word.

    Entry is open for online registration. Payment can also be made online or by more traditional methods.


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    Default WEll done

    Very well organised folks.

    Kept moving along and seemed to go quick

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    Well done indeed for today as well. Very smooth organisation and excellent refereeing.

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    Default Newham LPJS today

    Agreed - a well organised event as usual. Linda and her team can be very proud.

    Also many thanks to Linda for allowing my daughter to fence in a higher age group today (additional to her own age group yesterday). It's worth noting that not all LPJS event organisers allow this, which is unfortunate. In the USA young fencers are encouraged to enter in both their own age groups and the one above - and in a few special cases, two age groups above!

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