I am starting to get complaints from members about a few things. It's been a while since I mentioned forum etiquette so I thought that I would point a few things out.

Click on the Forum Guide above and you will see the general rules of conduct for this board. They are not too onerous and in general consist of:
  • Be civil to each other.
  • Respect each other's race or creed. If you want to discuss religion/politics/football etc extensively then this might be the wrong board. Keep all non-fencing discussion to the Chit Chat section.
  • While I am mentioning 'Chat'... If you want a chat medium then use one. This board is not be used in such a manner. It makes threads difficult to read and I don't like having to clean up treads that suffer from bloat.
  • The moderators have booted users off the board and will do so again. Have no doubt. Deleting users is an unsatisfactory way of dealing with people and we avoid it where possible.,
  • The moderators are not unreasonable. However if we make a decision about something don't be surprised if we refuse to reopen or alter a thread that you caused the problem in.

This thread will remain here as a sticky and be an obvious guide.

Additionally, I warned people in the past that I would start issuing warnings. Things calmed down after that. I never had the need to go through with this. Be assured that I will start using the 'yellow card', 'red card' and 'black card' [booted off] if I feel the need to.