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    Default Pebble Scoring Machine

    Does anyone know when it will be for sale and if it will run off of a battery?

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    Definately runs off batteries, 6 x D-types I think although it might be C-types. No idea about when or how much, although I would hope that it would be cheaper than the model it's replacing
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    It was on sale last week briefly and appeared to be the same price as the old boxes. But they seem to have removed it from sale!

    Can be seen on the category overview of there site:

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    I have written to LP sales and Alex.

    I will post any reply that I receive.

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    This is the reply that I got:

    The new pebble scoring box should be on the website in a few weeks its still going through production.

    Please keep checking the Leon Paul website for updates.

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    It is D cell batteries.

    Price will be the same or maybe slightly lower than the old one.

    The core program software on the central scoring chip is the same as the previous one.

    They were up on the site before production had them ready hence their removal.

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    The note that I got back is that it should be up in two weeks. I will wait and try to order then.

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