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    Hi guys,

    This has probably been asked and answered before but I'm just wondering what S&C-gym work recommendations to do, instead of doing anything and everything, what would be ideal for a fencer to do? In terms of exercises, reps, sets, etc. If anyone has any suggestions I'm all ears.

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    It has improved my leg strength and recovery rate.

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    A lot depends on what you have available. As cross training at age 73, I'm concentrating on central core issues. In general I do six sets of 10 reps each. My thought is to start with what you can reasonably handle and then work up. for instance at this point for leg abductors (inner and outer) I originally started at 150lbs and at each set of reps added the next set of weights. After several years I now start at 235lbs and work my way up to 305 lbs. Due to the machine the last set of reps is only 10 lbs more. So the final is 305lbs. For leg lifts - this machine has you on your back pushing up an inclined ramp. I will start at 6x45lbs or 270lbs (US measures). But for agility I like the hemisphere balancing thingies. Look like half a ball attached to a flat piece. You put the round part down and balance on the flat part. Anyway, great for balancing on one foot, strengthens the ankles. Usually thought I leave the arm machines alone (problems with tennis elbow and other issues). Also leg stretches like a ballerina are generally good. But my Doctors have decided that I need to do stretches in the morning .... well to keep on maintaining. On this side even the medical establishment has succumbed to the far east with Yoga poses. I do six different poses of which the whiny baby is the worst. That's where you're on your back and grab your big toes and start whining as you try to stretch your legs out.

    But in general timed foot work in front of a mirror is good. I chose 11 minute periods with a couple of minutes between so as to replicate the movement in a bout.

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    As a starting point, how old are you and what level are you competing at?
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    Quote Originally Posted by christopherwms View Post

    It has improved my leg strength and recovery rate.
    Crossfit is great. but. You have to find the right box that understands the needs for Fencing and will concentrate on alot of technique before they start hammering you with competitive reps before your body is ready.

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    Whichever exercise you will do but the angle should be right. Focus on the right movement and angle.

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