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Thread: Pokemon hazards.

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    Default Pokemon hazards.

    Can I ask if competition organisers or BF are going to do anything about Pokemons interfering with play?

    At the Senior Winton on Sunday during my final match against our old rivals Yorkshire one strayed onto the piste during play on two occasions.

    To onlookers it looked very much like I fell on my arse while hastily retreating from a strong attacks when in fact I was tripped by a Jigglypuff.

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    Gotta catch 'em all!

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    Please be assured that any rouge Pokemon on the loose at this Saturday's Elite Epee Grand Final will be duly taken care of by one (or more) of the referees. I'm not sure how that works mid fight on another piste though ....

    At least this new craze will encourage young gamers into the great outdoors.

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    It's an interesting game : P

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    Can you imagine someone disrupting a match while trying to catch Pokemon?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mcadory View Post
    Can you imagine someone disrupting a match while trying to catch Pokemon?

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