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    Default Alice Ruggles RIP

    Our thoughts go out to Alice's family and friends. This is very sad news received today from the Gateshead.

    We will miss your bright and cheerful smile.

    From all the fencing community in Leicestershire.

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    Alice learnt to fence whilst at school in Leicestershire and went on to fence at Northumbria University coming 5th in BUCS 2013 chgampionships .

    Murder investigation after Alice Ruggles, 24, from Leicestershire found dead in Gateshead
    Read more at:

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    My son knew Alice, being a similar age and at University in the same city (fencing in BUCS) - please pass on our condolences to her family - this was extremely sad news, and heartbreaking for all who knew her.

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    Hi All

    It is almost a year since your fencer Alice Ruggles was cruelly murdered by a stalker.

    For all who remember Alice and would like to support the Alice Ruggles Trust, please go to

    • raising awareness of coercive control and stalking and their dangers;
    • working to ensure that stalking offences result in immediate action both to protect the victim and to deal effectively with the perpetrator;
    • providing education and training;
    • campaigning for improved legal measures; and
    • supporting relevant research.

    Please also support Paul Sibert who is fundraising for the Trust by running in the Leicester Half Marathon while wearing Leon Paul Apex Fencing Kit, kindly donated by Alex and Ben at Leon Paul.

    If you wish to remember Alice by Fencing, then please remember by entering the Alice Ruggles Memorial Epee - 16/17 December 2017

    Lastly, there is a Trevor MacDonald programme about Alice's unfortunate death and the police work involved in catching her killer on ITV, Thursday 12th October "An Hour to Catch a Killer" + Article TV Times p 28-29.

    Unfortunately, we cannot bring Alice back. However, our fencing community can support these various initiatives. Support the Trust now.
    Thank you


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