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    Default BUCS Individuals 2017

    BUCS Individuals will be returning to the Graves Tennis Centre in 2017 from 17th-19th February 2017.

    BUCS will again be offering free entry to those students who volunteer (and are accepted) to referee when they are not fencing. Anyone interested should email Amy Clayfield at BUCS (see invitation letter for contact details

    As BUCS Indies does not clash with the Valerie Degorce U14 Tournament this year, we will again be inviting external referees to the event.

    If you intending to enter please be aware that the following (as for all competitions) are mandatory pieces of kit and that the Leon Paul stand may not have enough of all stock to facilitate last minute purchases:
    • 800N plastrons
    • Breeches!
    • Chest protectors (for women)
    • 800N gloves (for sabre)

    (This list is obviously not exhaustive but these were the most common kit issues last year, please make sure you have the right kit on the day).

    Finally, following the success of the impromptu plate competition last year, we are happy to give advance notice that the plate will run again this year for those eliminated in the poules or after the first round of D.E.'s.

    I'll be happy to answer any questions not covered by the Entry Information people have but it is Christmas time so replies might not be particularly prompt until after the festive season!

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    Default Bfa numbers

    There are currently 37 individuals that have not got valid BFA licences for BUCS Indies which starts tomorrow! Please please please get your licences sorted out otherwise we will not let you fence.

    Also, for the people that put their entries through BUCScore and managed to not send in your BFA numbers, you can't fence either until you give me them. I won't have time on the day to look up membership numbers for 37 people so please get it done by tonight!

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    Default Leon Paul

    Is there a Leon Paul stand at the BUCS.

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    Quote Originally Posted by burrows-fencing View Post
    Is there a Leon Paul stand at the BUCS.

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    Nice vid interviewing the winner of the mens epee -

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    Any other results from the weekend?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vicomte_de_Bragelonne View Post
    Any other results from the weekend?
    Hopefully here soon. Apart from that, I've only seen the winners announced in their news wraps and Twitter posts.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vicomte_de_Bragelonne View Post
    Any other results from the weekend?
    Full 1st & 2nd Day results up on the BUCS Site that's MS, ME, WF & WS covered, Day 3 still missing which was MF & WE.
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    Does anyone have a video of Lucchetti vs Erickson in Mens Sabre?

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