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Thread: Veterans Celtic Challenge 2017

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    Default Veterans Celtic Challenge 2017

    The Welsh Veterans are pleased to announce that they are hosting the Veterans Celtic Challenge this year.

    The event is open to Veteran fencers from Scotland, All Ireland, Wales, Cornwall, Isle of Man & Channel Isles, Brittany, Galacia and Asturias.

    The venue is the Cardiff City House of Sport on the weekend of 29th and 30th July 2017.

    Full details are available via the Celtic Challenge website:

    We look forward to welcoming you to Cardiff in July.

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    Smile Calling All veterans who meet the Celtic Challenge criteria.

    Time for a BUMP!

    The entries for this event are coming in from the Welsh, Scottish, Irish and a few Cornish, we would welcome with open arms more Irish, Channel Islanders, fencers from the Isle of Man, Cornwall, Brittany, Galacia and Asturias.

    Remember the new "adopt a fencer" rule will/can be used at the event if you need to do so.

    The criteria for fencing in the Celtic Challenge:

    * Born in one of the Celtic regions.
    * Parent/Grandparent born in one of the Celtic regions.
    * Have fenced for the Celtic region previously.
    * Currently resident in or previously a resident of the Celtic region for a period of 3 years consecutively and has been on the electoral role for that region for that time period.

    Places for the Gala dinner are filling up. If you have a specific dietary requirement please message me and the caterers at the Castle will let me know what options are available.

    Please note that as there is another event on in Cardiff that weekend hotel rooms are beginning to become harder to find at a reasonable rate, but try contacting one of the guest houses on Cathedral Road, The Wynford hotel in Clare Street, the Welsh Institute of sport or at a pinch Cardiff University students accommodation as they sometimes hire out rooms.

    We will be fully reffed, have conductive pistes and the scoring sets are chipped to the new sabre timings. Almost forgot...."Goodie bags!"

    Full details including an up-to-date entry list are available on the Celtic Challenge website:

    Hoping to see you all there. Gobeithio gweld chi yma, da bo chi.
    Best wishes

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    Default Celtic Challenge Update

    More than 150 weapon entries have been received from Veteran fencers from the Celtic Nations who will be competing for the coveted Celtic Dragon Trophy in Cardiff at the Cardiff House of Sport.

    Some of those competing have in the past represented Ireland/GBR at past Olympics, Senior and Veteran Commonwealths, Senior and Veteran European and World Championships.

    Croeso and Welcome to those coming from Galacia, Switzerland, France and Germany (ex Pats), Ireland, Scotland, Cornwall and Wales. We hope to have a good weekend of fierce, fun, friendly, but injury free (please; though we do have medical facilities) fencing.

    Just a couple of housekeeping notices: These are also available on the FB and Celtic challenge website.

    Kit: Please ensure that your kit complies with current safety rules, especially mask safety in light of the recent notices from Head office - As the Referees will be checking these carefully.

    If you find you can't make it or are running late on the day please text or call the following numbers, if we know we can delay the start of the poules or we can start and you can play "catch up".
    Mike: 07958406943 or Elinor: 07703399062 or email to the address you already have.

    Format: as per usual Veteran rules, 2 rounds of poules (5/6 competitors). All promoted to the DE stages: DE's to 10 hits with 2 periods of 3mins.

    Results; Online results will be available on the day via this link:

    Parking: Will be signposted but this is the link to the car parking:

    Catering: Although there is no onsite catering (they were hoping to have the cafe up and running but it has been delayed) there will be some minor facilities for tea/coffee/water/soft drinks, cakes and some sandwiches.

    Spectators: Bleachers will be available for spectators, so if you find you're at loose end in Cardiff, come and watch - there is no cost for spectating.

    Gala dinner: The Traditional Welsh Banquet, with traditional Welsh entertainment, (prepare to join in), has been booked at Cardiff Castle for 7.30pm.
    Car parking will have to be in one of the car parks near to the centre of Cardiff. Celtic dress is optional.

    Looking forward to seeing you all there, bright eyed and bushy tailed on both days for what we hope will be a truly good weekend.
    "May the odds be ever in your favour," to all the Teams competing.

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    Damn it! I wondered why Ev had toddled off to Cardiff and then it all became apparent ...

    I'd disregarded this as something I couldn't be involved in, what with me living in England. Shame, as parts of Yorkshire were the last Celtic speaking areas in England. 'Remains of Elmet' and all that.

    It looked like a lot of fun!

    I now see (from this thread) that I met the criteria ...

    More than three years having lived in South and Mid-Wales (and on the electoral role, some of it ... I think?). That, and I'm half Manx with one parent having been born there.

    Next year, then ...

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    Default Massive thanks to everyone and congratulations to the new Celtic Champions.

    On behalf of the Welsh Veterans I'd like to thank everyone who was involved in the Veterans Celtic Challenge: volunteers (Kirtsy, Deb, Dawn on check in and refreshment duty- wonderful ); referees Adrian Speakman, Alex Savin, Peter Huggins, Jen & Glen Sancroft, Anne & Jon Dawkins, Ev Van Gemmeren, Celyn Lewis, Hugh Kocan and Owen Edwards. Event Manager Elinor Robinson, DT Mike and Phil, who kept the event moving and our ever wonderful armourer, Nigel, also to the excellent collaboration and support of the clubs in Wales, pulling together to lay pistes, set out scoring sets, and finally to ALL the competitors from all over the Celtic countries, to those from Galacia, Switzerland and Croatia (ex pats), Ireland, Scotland, Cornwall without whose participation this event could not happen.

    The final standings at the end of the event and the Celtic Champions are:
    MF: 1st: Mike Mckay (SCO), 2nd, Philip Lee (IRE), 3rd: Duncan Salter (IRE), Mike McEwan (SCO)
    MS: 1st: Carl Morris (WAL), 2nd, Keith Davidson (SCO), 3rd: Keith Rogerson (COR), Keith Barnett (COR)
    ME: 1st, Keith BArnett (COR), 2nd Duncan Salter (IRE), 3rd; Nathan Miller (COR) Nick Lee (WAL)
    WF: 1st Jo Cook (SCO), 2nd MArion Thomas (WAL) 3rd: Rosa Maria Cano Diosa (GAL), Jenny Morris (WAL)
    WS: 1st Margaret McWilliams (COR), 2nd Sue Benney (COR), 3rd: MIchelle NArey (SCO) Emma Waller (WAL)
    WE; 1st Cath Walker (WAL), 2nd Rosa Maria Cano Diosa (GAL), 3rd: Annalise Mion (IRE) Jenny Morris (WAL)

    Team winners:
    MF: Scotland, MS: Cornwall, ME: Wales
    WF: Wales, WS: Cornwall, WE: Wales

    Everything was to play for in the team standings with Scotland and Cornwall leading the way in the "Dragon points" at the close of play on Saturday, then Wales surprising us all to take the Men's and women's epee, allowing Wales to retain the Dragon Trophy for the second consecutive time.

    Wales has now handed over the Celtic Flags to the next Celtic Nation, Cornwall, who will be hosting the event in 2019 as this is a biennial event.

    Again, heartfelt thanks to everyone.

    Lyn Robinson, Chairman, Welsh Veterans.

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