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Thread: Veterans Celtic Challenge 2017

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    Default Veterans Celtic Challenge 2017

    The Welsh Veterans are pleased to announce that they are hosting the Veterans Celtic Challenge this year.

    The event is open to Veteran fencers from Scotland, All Ireland, Wales, Cornwall, Isle of Man & Channel Isles, Brittany, Galacia and Asturias.

    The venue is the Cardiff City House of Sport on the weekend of 29th and 30th July 2017.

    Full details are available via the Celtic Challenge website:

    We look forward to welcoming you to Cardiff in July.

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    Smile Calling All veterans who meet the Celtic Challenge criteria.

    Time for a BUMP!

    The entries for this event are coming in from the Welsh, Scottish, Irish and a few Cornish, we would welcome with open arms more Irish, Channel Islanders, fencers from the Isle of Man, Cornwall, Brittany, Galacia and Asturias.

    Remember the new "adopt a fencer" rule will/can be used at the event if you need to do so.

    The criteria for fencing in the Celtic Challenge:

    * Born in one of the Celtic regions.
    * Parent/Grandparent born in one of the Celtic regions.
    * Have fenced for the Celtic region previously.
    * Currently resident in or previously a resident of the Celtic region for a period of 3 years consecutively and has been on the electoral role for that region for that time period.

    Places for the Gala dinner are filling up. If you have a specific dietary requirement please message me and the caterers at the Castle will let me know what options are available.

    Please note that as there is another event on in Cardiff that weekend hotel rooms are beginning to become harder to find at a reasonable rate, but try contacting one of the guest houses on Cathedral Road, The Wynford hotel in Clare Street, the Welsh Institute of sport or at a pinch Cardiff University students accommodation as they sometimes hire out rooms.

    We will be fully reffed, have conductive pistes and the scoring sets are chipped to the new sabre timings. Almost forgot...."Goodie bags!"

    Full details including an up-to-date entry list are available on the Celtic Challenge website:

    Hoping to see you all there. Gobeithio gweld chi yma, da bo chi.
    Best wishes

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