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Thread: Public Schools' Fencing Championships

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    Default Public Schools' Fencing Championships

    Live results can be found here:


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    Quote Originally Posted by rodneyf View Post
    Live results can be found here:

    thank you Rodney, I was wondering if....

    Good Luck to the PSFC team, you do an amazing job every year
    just a daddy...and chauffeur

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    Default many thanks

    A belated thank you to all the team at the Public Schools who pulled out all the stops to organise a great competition. Three days of full on fencing, with hundreds of kids from a huge number of schools, and, from what I could see this year, it ticked along at a super pace.
    It is never easy fencing in what is the equivalent of a jungle because of humidity from the neighbouring swimming pool. And there are issues every year with sun coming in through the blinds in the mid afternoon. These are known issues with the venue, which I am assured was state of the art in its time!
    Beyond those uncontrollable matters, it was very well done, and I would like to say many thanks.
    Hope everyone enjoyed the experience.
    Until next year.....

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