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Thread: Summer Foil Coaching and Performance course led by Ziemek Wojciechowski

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    Default Summer Foil Coaching and Performance course led by Ziemek Wojciechowski

    Take your foil fencing to the next level with a Summer Foil Coaching and Performance course led by Ziemek Wojciechowski, coach to some of the world's top fencers including Richard Kruse, James Davis, Alexander Choupenich and many, many others.

    Ziemek will be leading a one week residential foil coaching and performance course from Saturday 19th August to Friday 25th August 2017. This is the third year for our course and this year follows on from and develops last Summer's successful combination of a high level fencing performance course alongside a comprehensive coach development course. Fencers training includes - footwork, games, S & C, fencing bouts and competitions, and lots of lessons and training from Ziemek and the coaches attending the course. Coaches receive instruction on a wide range of coaching exercises and practices for individual lessons, group practices, footwork etc. etc. incorporating both practical sessions and some class based sessions incorporating video. On the last two years courses both fencers and coaches have gained tremendously with an enjoyable and very hard working course. This will be based at Mount St Marys College, Sheffield, Yorkshire. There are options for fencers and coaches to attend the full week with accommodation or to attend any number of days with or without accommodation. Full details can be found at -

    For any enquiries or questions contact me on -

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    Default Update on our Summer Coaching and Fencing Performance Course with Ziemek Wojciechowski!!!

    New updates on our Summer coaching and fencing performance course with Ziemek Wojciechowski!!! The first 3 days of the course will be an intense competitive training camp with Husayn Rosowsky assisting and participating, Ziemek will be leading the course from Tuesday afternoon till Friday coach education and training for fencers!!! check out the website at for full details of our program and activities.

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