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    Greetings, i'm new here. I've been reading through a few beginner threads with interest and have signed up for a intro course in my locality.....just awaiting to here from the local club when they start their next beginner course. They did say I can bring my own foil but i noticed it is missing the rubber tip on the point and instead has this-

    So can these be purchased somewhere?

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    Oh and as a few have explained a lot of equipment will likely already be supplied but for personal reasons i'd prefer to take along my own glove when I figure out what to buy and my size :-)

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    Hello and welcome to both fencing and the forum. What your picture shows is the barrel of an electric foil which is missing its tip. However, the handle end doesn't seem to have the socket. I suggest you take it along to your first lesson for advice but they'll have loads for you to use anyway.

    Good luck.
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    would i be able to put a rubber tip on it and use it as a steam foil?

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