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Thread: Alice Ruggles Memorial Epee - 16th and 17th December

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    Default Alice Ruggles Memorial Epee - 16th and 17th December

    Hi everyone,

    This one has been doing the rounds on Facebook a bit and I want to spread it here too.

    The University of Leicester are very kindly hosting a memorial epee competition to raise money for the Alice Ruggles Trust. Every single pound raised through the competition will go to the Trust

    Alice was an epee fencer who some of you may have known, she grew up in Market Harborough before going to Northumbria University, where she fenced for a number of years on the BUCS circuit.

    The competition is taking place on the 16th (Indivdual) and 17th (Teams) of December. Full competition details can be found here
    Individuals -
    Teams -

    There is also a Facebook group for the event -

    We have already had a strong response from the community to ensure the competition is a success. Competition organising Dream Team, Jon Willis and Francine Robb have volunteered to run the event and a number of referees have already pledged their time. Your support would be greatly appreciated.

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    Lots of nice noises from people about how this is a good idea, but bugger all getting fingers out of arses and entering. Only 16 men and 11 women.

    Oops, that includes me!! I'd better enter - so put you your money where you mouth is people!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Foilling Around View Post
    so put you your money where you mouth is people!!
    Would have loved to have come and supported the event as it is quite local, unfortunately I am committed to helping at the cadet winton that weekend.

    Suspect lots of others are also down in Millfield
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