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Thread: Gll camden international cadet & leon paul fie sattelite mens sabre tournaments

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    Default Gll camden international cadet & leon paul fie sattelite mens sabre tournaments

    The European Cadet Confederation has published this week some revised Regulations for the International Cadet
    Circuit, which will be applied to the GLL Camden International Tournament.

    1. All Individual Competitions where the number of participants exceeds 100 can now only operate one individual
    event per day UNLESS dispensation is awarded by EFC Sport Director. We have applied for and been granted
    dispensation to run both individual events on Saturday and the team events on Sunday.

    2. The Tournament will continue to be run as previously published on BFA and EFC websites. However, in
    accordance with new regulations the minimum number of participants eliminated will be 20% and the maximum
    number will now be 25% instead of 30%. This will be changed on documentation.

    3. All Organisers of Tournaments on the European Cadet Circuit are required to provide a link where results
    are being published online live. The live link for our tournament will be http//

    4. Team Events will be based on current EFC CC Ranking of Teams.

    5. There is one material change to team events. In case of technical replacement during match and if some
    injury appeared in the same match of concerned then replaced fencer CAN COME BACK in the team in order
    to allow continuing of that team in tournament (derogation from FIE rule for teams)

    6. It is now MANDATORY that Organisers of Tournaments on EFC Circuit follow FIE Guidelines and provide
    medical service + ambulance if not close to hospital. This service will be provided at Tournament.

    7. We will be providing apart from these regulations display facilities at the tournament.

    There have been sofar no new regulations for FIE Satellite. The information previously published remains the same as before.

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    God to see these events being run and I hope you get the full entry complement. Would be great to see really strong events.

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    This is a reminder that fencers wishing to enter both GLL Camden International Cadet and Leon Paul Cup [FIE Satellite] need to register with BFA. In the case of Cadets you will require beforehand EFC registration.

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    Reminder that those wishing to enter these Tournaments will need EFC Licence for GLL Camden International and
    FIE Licence for Satellite.

    Those wishing to enter both tournaments should make their applications by at least Friday 20th October to allow BFA to complete both registrations.

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    First of all I would like to thank all the volunteers who came to the Copper Box and assisted in making the weekend a pleasurable experience for all those fencers who competed both in Cadet and Satellite.

    In particular my thanks to:
    Event Managers Amy Grant and Patricia Aiyenuro
    DT Jon Willis and Francine Robb
    Referees [I/C] Keith Smith
    Armourer [I/C] Peter Huggins

    Second I would like to thank GLL and in particular Peter Bundey for providing the Copper Box for the tournament
    at a concessionary rate. Without their support we could never hope to run a fencing event in such a prestigious Olympic venue.

    Also the support of Leon Paul, Continental Clothing and Fifth Column who provided sponsorship. They helped to
    provide a first class event. Also to those who have anonymously helped to finance the event.

    I would like to thank also Hilary Philbin [BFA President] and Georgina Usher [BFA CEO] for presenting medals
    over weekend.

    I would mention also that over weekend we were able to recruit as good a selection of referees as is available at
    any cadet tournament on the domestic or international cadet circuits. No fewer than 9 home and overseas FIE qualified referees were at the tournament.

    Finally I believe that the standard of British Sabre fencing has improved dramatically as was in evidence over the weekend. That is not just only my unqualified opinion but also was expressed by a former Olympian who has
    not been involved in the sport since he retired post Barcelona.

    I would mention in particular some outstanding individual and team results.

    Silver Ian Ren [lost narrowly 15-13 to Sanatamaria [Spain] who will be most certainly one of the favourites for World Championships and beat comfortably Italy's second ranked and Europe's fourth ranked fencer.
    Bronze Julian Richards
    Last 8 Luke Haynes
    Last 12 Mark Alvarez-Peres and Kajetan McDonnell

    Last 12 Maia Fashokun

    Gold Great Britain A [beat Japan in Final]

    Bronze Great Britain A

    Gold William Deary
    Silver James Honeybone
    Last 8 JJ Webb and Curtis Miller

    Overall the tournament attracted 250 fencers from 29 countries. The satellite is the largest on FIE Circuit since
    results published in 2011 by FIE.

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