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Thread: Men's Senior Foil Cairo selections, thoughts, reflections?

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    Default Men's Senior Foil Cairo selections, thoughts, reflections?

    I see on the BF website that the selections for the FIE senior men's foil comp in Cairo are up.

    Take a look.

    A full and proper squad. It would appear selectors went right down the rankings, chose the top 10 fencers who could compete for GB, and made two discretionary selections as well, and very good ones they are, if I could venture such an opinion.

    I think this is an extremely positive sign from the BF leadership and reflects a new attitude towards talent and podium potential.
    Am I being too upbeat? You tell me. In the past this forum, myself included, has been critical (and rightly so) of the high-performance leadership in this regard.

    I'm keen to know what you all think.

    Selections 2017

    SMF Individual - Cairo
    1. Richard Kruse - Accepted
    2. James Davis - Accepted
    3. Marcus Mepstead
    4. Ben Peggs - Accepted
    5. Kamal Minott
    6. Glen Ostacchini - Accepted
    7. Keith Cook - Accepted
    8. Mathew Billing - Accepted
    9. Rhys Melia
    10. Husayn Rosowsky - Accepted
    11. Harry Bird (D) - Accepted
    12. Alexander Lloyd (D) - Accepted

    SMF Team - Cairo
    James Davis - Accepted
    Marcus Mepstead
    Ben Peggs - Accepted
    Kamal Minott

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    Looks good to me - nice to see some transparency and an achievable goal for selection. Top 10 will do it people, get competing.
    For the two discretionary picks they look OK too, Bird is #1 Junior, I guess Alex Lloyd is unranked as he's taken some time out.

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    I agree - I think that it's great. It seems much fairer and those striving for selection now know what to aim for

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