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Thread: B.u.c.s overhaul

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    There is a lot of “luck” in university fencing.

    Luck in having one or two world class juniors turn up at freshers.

    Luck in having a university that includes athletic clubs in the admissions process.

    Luck in having facilities, coaches, grants etc that can attract higher level fencers.

    Or indeed lucky enough to join a fencer programme at y1 that will help them become strong team players by Y3/4.

    For a coach, the bottom line is that you have to work with what you get at the beginning of each academic year.

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    Quote Originally Posted by plenty View Post
    Hello nick, cesh, thank you S.A.D

    I don't have fixed proposals - it's more w.i.p

    For example ; as our sport can be characterised as extremely technical and tactical it can be said that these elements ennable women and men to compete quite evenly, as, our sport doesn't rely in %terms so much on physical attributes / athleticism : mixed teams I think are a good idea to consider ! This would also help smooth out the promotion and oscillation between leagues annually : or it could be part of different format / new format

    Regional single weapon mixed team events leading to annual event !
    'Regional single weapon mixed team events leading to annual event', Why don't you organise it and hire halls etc, invite the London Unis to attend and take the risk on your own suggestion, but separately to the current set up and if it works you will have a group of influential universities supporting your proposal going forward.

    If you had started the thread with 'I don't have any fixed proposals but feel that the current set up has some issues (listed), does anyone have any ideas how BUCs fencing could be adapted to improve things' I suspect you would have had people come in with ideas to be discussed and debated or others saying they really like the current set up, but subtle changes could improve it.

    To annually suggest the same 'unworkable' option and expect not to get shot down every year is pretty naive.
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    sarf innit!



    same time next year then everyone?

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