This is the time of year that final year students start to look forward and decide whether they want further study or start a lifelong adventure in the real world.

If you are, or know, a students in that position I hope you will take a look at the benefits Nottingham University can offer.

A university with a great reputation, a large variety of Post Graduate Courses, a great location central in England and of course a great and growing fencing programme. We have the largest purpose built Fencing Salle of all British Universities. Good quality, weapon specific coaching. Five teams in the BUCS leagues, with a medium term aim to progress to seven teams. This year only one institution had more fencers placed L32 or better at BUCS Nationals and only four had more progress to L16 or better.

The possibility of sports scholarships for those roughly of Junior Squad standard or equivalent to help defray post grad costs. Higher scholarships for higher evidence of achievement.