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Thread: LP's Sizing for Uniforms

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    Default LP's Sizing for Uniforms

    Have LP changed their sizings within, say the last five years?

    When I bought my whites around 5 years ago, with it being British sizing I went with the same sizing as my suit - 46"/38". I'm sure I would have checked out the official sizing at the time. Anyway, the sizing was fine and I've had five years of comfortable wear out of them.

    Maybe three or four weeks ago, my breeches finally gave in. Never mind, I think. Order placed for a new pair, same size (38") and they're fine. Perhaps just a pinch tight around the very middle, but there is some bagging on the legs and hips. Nevertheless, comfortable. Kicking myself for not ordering a new jacket at the same time ...

    Last week, I get home and flip my jacket inside out for washing, pull the zipper up and it comes clean off. Woo! New jacket time! Which I order ... same size (46") and ...

    My goodness! First, I can't even get it on! I can't get my shoulders in without contorting and really stretching. The sleeves are way too short and the body is miles too short - it's more like a bra than a jacket. Naturally, I can't even touch the zips together, let alone zip it up. Compared to my existing jacket, it's miles smaller! I compare the recent breeches and find they're pretty much the same in size.

    I still wear the same suit sizes as five years ago, the breeches are about the same size ...

    Have I been sent a defective jacket? One just wrongly made or sized? I'm loathed to send it back, exchange for a 48" to find that's just massive. The jacket they sent me didn't have tags, making me wonder if it's already been rejected for this very reason.

    If anyone has bought a jacket recently, was it the size the same as your old one or did you size up?

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    I would say no tags equals reject

    Or certainly wrong size in package. Give them a call

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