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Thread: Coach wanted London Salaried position

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    Default Coach wanted London Salaried position

    Primarily 2 days a week are available, Wednesday and Thursday. Your contracted hours will
    be 2.5 per night. from 18:00 20:30. This is a club night and when members come to the
    Salle to fence each other and take a short 10 15 minute lesson with the instructor. For this
    work you will be paid an annual salary of 7800 for the two days (hourly rate of 30)
    Outside of these hours you are able to use the Salle to carry out private lessons, the price is
    set by you, with both members and non-members, some restrictions apply.
    During club night you will be expected to ensure the safe use of the Salle by all members
    and guests, uphold the club and Salle rules and etiquette and ensure the Salle runs
    Keep the successful beginners and improver courses going. Carry out 1:1 and group
    If you are unable to commit to both days then
    there is a possibility to take only one of the days available.
    For further information please contact
    Required information for application
    1) Up to date CV
    2) Up to to date availability.
    3) Video of you giving a foil and Epee and sabre lesson.

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    Correction ;
    Wednesdays and Fridays

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