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That's quite the assumption. I am personally getting to the point where I'm wondering if the fee is worth it. Jack it up another 20 and I'd probably call it a day with nationals. As millennials take the place of generation X as the general fencing population you will find we become more and more price sensitive. (We don't have that nice little nest egg in the form of a house we bought for 5k which is now worth half a million)

In MS certainly we would want to see increased participation. But I think that is more a reflection on the dwindling number of sabruers more generally than anything else. That particular problem HAS to be solved by BF stepping up it's priority on our grass roots fencing rather than chasing an impossible dream of creating successful athletes out of our current stock.
I understand that people have different disposable incomes. However, competition fees represent only a small proportion of the whole cost of fencing. If you think about the cost of kit and blades, club membership and lessons, then the current BF competition fees are not that high. Just to give you an idea of what happens in the US, the cost of entry to the USFA nationals is $160 - about 112 at today's exchange rate. https://www.usafencing.org/2018-apri...nships-and-nac I'm not suggesting that BF should price anywhere near that high, but that's less than one of Leon Paul's advanced light-weight sabres ( https://www.leonpaul.com/advanced-li...ght-sabre.html ) or a Mag-tech FIE foil ( https://www.leonpaul.com/the-mag-tec-fie-foil-9.html ) - excellent weapons that they are (thanks Leon Paul!).