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Thread: Lansdowne club; coach vacancy

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    Default Lansdowne club; coach vacancy


    Pls may you help spread the word - tell your coach and your colleagues.

    There is a very exciting salaried opportunity for a coach at the Lansdowne club ( which is in a prime area of London ) and where the successfull applicant is able to use the salle to make their own private lesson arrangements apart from just coaching the club evenings.

    I post here as I would ask your help to let as many people know as possible since BF have said it's not possible to email this vacancy opportunity to coach members ( due to uncertainty around data protection regs ).

    The Lansdowne is a very friendly adults fencing club ( with world class veteran results ) , five nights of fencing, it's own dedicated fencing salle , as well as gymn and pool on site... There is also an adult beginners class running that starts this Saturday which is open to non members also.

    For coach vacancy Pls see full description in coaches corner.
    For beginner course pls email same contact at Lansdowne or to daviescooke@gmail dot com


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    Bump -
    We starting to receive c.v's
    Thankyou for your help
    Just to recap - the days are Wednesdays and Fridays , focussing on épée

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