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Oh man this political infighting is distasteful.
Suddenly it's obvious where the rule about committee members not posting about committee stuff on social media came from!

In the meantime, the course of action is clear (IMO) and not that difficult.
  1. Reissue the amended constitution to the members.
  2. Call an EGM to ratify it between (today +21 days) and the AGM. I suggest making it on the same day and at the same venue as the AGM, but earlier in the day. No rules about gaps between the meetings.
  3. Make everyone who wants to vote but not attend provide a proxy vote for EGM and AGM. No-one has to travel twice.
  4. Profit.

Process has been followed, membership can vote as expected.
Everyone with insinuations of impropriety or concerns about future legal action can rest easier knowing the process has been followed.
Anyone with historical, "I got treated badly" stuff has the opportunity to vote for someone else.
I think this post should cap the thread. Thanks for all of your time everyone.