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Thread: NEPS screws....for German FOIL points.

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    Default NEPS screws....for German FOIL points.

    To start off...I DO have permission from Ricardo to talk about these publicly.

    Some time ago -- maybe a year? -- Ricardo, he who created the NEPS screws for epee that I've made my default screw, came out with some test pieces of teh same design for German foil points.

    These are for the traditional, V2 and Xtra barrels...not the "Belgian" ones.

    He sent me a pack to try out and evaluate...others as well (I think I talked to Mergs about them).

    They are just as good as the epee versions, use the same tool, and make putting a new screw in soooo much easier (because even a traditional epee screw has the advantage of the barrel slot to help you line it up...not the case on a foil barrel with the holes not countersunk or beveled).

    I contacted him a few days ago to ask if they were coming out, because I'd switch to them in a heartbeat.

    The issue for him, however, is he doesn't know if there's enough interest to make the investment in sufficient quantity to make it worthwhile.

    So...thoughts from the community and my fellow armorers...should he make the investment to produce enough foil screws? Is it worth it to have them on the market?

    For me, I'd say yes. Certainly sales would start out slow, but I believe that there will be enough interest once enough are out in the field, similar to how the epee screws worked out.

    He will be seeing this thread to read responses.

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    I am interested in trying these - is there somewhere that I can buy some foil ones for testing?

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