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Thread: History of International FIE VET Fencing (etc)

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    Default History of International FIE VET Fencing (etc)

    Hi All, I am interested in the antecedents of VET Fencing, particularly how it started. I've hit up my US colleagues and for their knowledge on facebook and Apparently when it started I was a wee young laddie and not in the game. So if you know some of the history particularly how it came to be within the FIE, could you relate that tale or if it's already written up somewhere pass along links?

    Among details that I've found is a link to a Russian-centric website (in English? or maybe i just got the English version) "Fencing for Everyone" ( Can anyone shed any light on that group and what the "fund" is? But it has the best written history of the start of VET Fencing I've yet found.

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    I think the first Vet World Championships were in 1997 in Cape Town.

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