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Thread: Eastern Region This Girl Can - Girls Only Training Day (Foil)

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    Default Eastern Region This Girl Can - Girls Only Training Day (Foil)

    The Eastern Region is very pleased to announce that for the first time, we will be holding a ladies only training session for Foil. The object of the day is to have as many ladies of all ages training and sparring together. The coaching team will be.

    Dominique Szokolovics
    Dominique started fencing at the age of 8. By 13, she had fenced her first of five World Championships, and by 14 she had won the Cadet, Junior and Senior Womenís Championship Titles Ė a still unequalled feat in the sport.
    Dominique also fenced at five European and five Commonwealth Championships and became the top-ranked woman foilist in the UK before retiring through injury. However, a recent return to competitive fencing saw her climb quickly through the ranks to be the GB Womenís Number 2 and the National Womenís Foil Champion again in 2014 Ė some 6 years after her last triumph, thereby completing her fourth victory at this level.

    Justyna Osmanska
    Justyna had been a member of the Polish National Team for 12 years and she represented Poland at World and European Championships winning Silver at the 2008 U20 European Championships (team) and a bronze medal at the 2009 Zagreb U20 World Cup. Justyna has a Bachelorís and a Masterís Degree in Physical Education with a major in Personal Training.

    This event will be held on November 11th at The Royal Masonic School, Rickmansworth. The training opportunity is open to any WF of ANY age. Whilst priority will be given to Eastern Region fencers, we are happy to invite you all.

    Entry forms and further details will be available on our website and our Facebook page

    Many Thanks
    David Cook

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    It's very encouraging to see that you have so many young foilists that you can afford to run an event targeting only half of the population.

    Good job Eastern Region.

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    Default Entry Forms and Full Information Now Available

    Entry forms and full information are now available by following the following link

    We would like to invite ALL Women Foillists regardless of age, ability or regional affiliation. Further coaches will be added if required.

    Many thanks
    David Cook

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    Entries being received, send yours in early if you want to guarantee a place. Confirmation of entry will be sent. A waiting list will be created in case of over subscription.

    Entry forms and full details can be found by clicking on this link.

    Many Thanks
    David Cook

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    I know our region is good but we donít fix printer or email issues. Sorry😁

    We have had a great response so far. We only have about 14 places remaining so, if you are considering entering please do so ASAP. As stated earlier this training session is open to all WFís regardless of age or regional affiliation.


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    Unfortunately due to miscommunication between the school and the sports centre manager, we have had to change the timings of next Sundayís training session. The session will now run 12pm-5.30pm. All fencers that are registered to attend have been contacted.

    Many thanks
    David Cook

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