Borassic Productions presents

Fencingmob 2018 - The Anger Games.

Sunday Sept 9th is the Italian Fencing Federation inspired World Fencingmob Day 2018 - when we are all supposed to take to the streets and city squares to raise the profile of fencing.
Which is fine for the Italians, but living as we do in vicinity of Royal Palaces and RAF Bases, we have the choice of informing our Local Authority of our Fencingmob and having to provide our own barriers to keep the Public "safe" - or not informing the Local Authority and risk being tasered.
To show willing our solution - until such time as a Stately Home or Museum offers us safe harbour - is to do a short silly film
This year you will see that we have linked to a charity , Smile Train.
If our little film makes you smile , please help someone else smile too .Please circulate our film link to as many people as possible - because if you click on the Smile Train link,you will readily see that being able to smile can be life-changing