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Thread: Newcastle BRC Foil results

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    Default Newcastle BRC Foil results

    Women's foil

    Place Name Club(s)
    1 WILLIAMS-STEWART, Teagan Newham Swords
    2 BABAEVA, Sevil Fencers Club London
    3T SILK, Georgia Newham Swords
    3T GRANVILLE, BRONWEN Bath Sword Club
    5 HARDIE, Heloise Fighting Fit Fencing Club
    6 NEWTON-HUGHES, PHOEBE Sheffield Buccaneers Fencing Club
    7 SHAW, Rachel Newham Swords
    8 FAIRMAN, Charlotte Saxon Fencing Club
    9 CAMPBELL, Alice Newham Swords
    10 WILLIAMSON, LUCY-BELLE Sheffield Buccaneers Fencing Club
    11 MCLAUGHLIN, Mhairi Salle Holyrood
    12 BEARDMORE, Emily Fighting Fit Fencing Club
    13 HALES, Rhiannon Fighting Fit Fencing Club
    14 BROWN, MADELEINE Laszlo
    15 SMYTH, Hannah Fencers Club London
    16 BUCKLEY, Ellen Edinburgh Fencing Club
    17 MEYER, Jade Bath Sword Club
    18 APPLEBY-PRINCE, Celena Salle Oxon
    19 PEAKE, Sophie Herefordshire Fencing Club
    20 MIDDLETON, Amelia Salle Paul Fencing Club
    21 HOME, Amy Marshall Fencing Club
    22 THOMPSON, Holly Cambridge Sword
    23 WHITAKER, Rosie Chichester Fencing Club
    24 BIRD, Martha Cobham Fencing Club
    25 RAIYAT, Henna Much Wenlock Fencing Club
    26 CURWEN, Becci Millfield
    27 QUELCH, Abigail Salle Oxon
    28 WILLIAMS-HOWE, Sydney Marshall Fencing Club
    29 MEURISSE, Scarlett Cobham Fencing Club
    30T KNOX, Eleanor Newham Swords
    30T WEEKS, Charity Laszlo
    32 PATEL, SERENA Aldershot Fencing Club
    33 DOLAN, Phoebe Fencers Club London
    34 HYDE, Bronwen Northwich Fencing Club
    35 DAWE, Phoebe Russell Swords
    36 JONES, Rachel Marshall Fencing Club
    37 GALE, Madeleine Brentwood School Fencing Club
    38 EDGECLIFFE-JOHNSON, Imogen Aldershot Fencing Club
    39 O'CONNELL, Olivia Salle Boston
    40 MACEY, Charlotte Salle Boston
    41 BRIGDEN, Lauren Touche Fencing Club
    42 HTET-MARSHALL, Alexandra Edinburgh Fencing Club
    43 RUSSELL, Fiona West Fife Fencing Club
    44 CRAIG, Rhiannon Herefordshire Fencing Club
    45 GARDNER, Georgia Aldershot Fencing Club
    46 HALL, Eilidh Wallace Fencing Academy
    47T YANICELLI, Sloane Battersea Foil
    47T LAWSON, Angelica St Benedicts

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    Default Men's Foil

    Place Name Club(s)
    1 PALLIER, Sebastian Fencers Club London
    2 DE ALMEIDA, Dominic ZFW
    3T AUSTIN, Kiron Fencers Club London
    3T HEAD, Connor Salle Boston
    5 JOLLEY, ISAAC Chichester Fencing Club
    6 LEUNG, Kelvin Harrogate Fencing Club
    7 JONES, Alexander Salle Kiss
    8 HOWLETT, Edmund ZFW
    9 EVANS, Cameron ZFW
    10 ABRAHAMS, Matthew ZFW
    11 SUMMERFIELD, Dan Dragon Fencing Club
    12 MCGLONE, Theo Fighting Fit Fencing Club
    13 ASHBY, Douggie St Benedicts
    14 ATTIAS, BEN Salle Oxon
    15 PAGE, James Fencers Club London
    16 DONAGHUE, Joe ZFW
    17 LONSDALE, WILLIAM Louth Fencing Club
    18 RHYS POLLITT, Rafael Fencers Club London
    19 FOREY-MILLER, JACOB Newham Swords
    20 RUTHERFORD, James Fernwood Sword Club
    21 BLAIR, Samuel Louth Fencing Club
    22 SUHA, ADAM Stockport Sword Club
    23 NASH, Oliver Kenilworth Sword Fencing Club
    24 WILLIAMS, Jay Salle Oxon
    25 PLASTOW, Luca Salle Boston
    26 WILSON, Samuel Salle Boston
    27 BROUGHTON, Archie Louth Fencing Club
    28 DANIEL, Dylan ZFW
    29 YUN-FARMBROUGH, Will Salle Boston
    30 SIGURDSSON, Daniel Fence Like An Olympian
    31 HURST, Jake Millfield
    32 MCANDREW, FINLAY Salle Holyrood
    33 GRAY, Harry Chichester Fencing Club
    34 GUENNOU, Louis Fencers Club London
    35 COOK, Jaimie Salle Holyrood
    36 CHAMBERS, Albert Cyrano Fencing Club
    37 HAYES, Harri Russell Swords
    38 MORRISON, DUNCAN Salle Holyrood
    39 SAMPSON, Dominic Kenilworth Sword Fencing Club
    40 WILLIAMS, Nicholas Nottingham Cavaliers
    41 BARBOUR, Rhys Salle Holyrood
    42 BRINCKLOW, Alexander Colchester & District Fencing Club
    43 KHAN, Dawood Salle Boston
    44 MCDONALD, Joseph St Benedicts
    45 WILLIAMS, David Millfield
    46 KOLAS, Shalang Salle Boston
    47 CAMPBELL YATES, Tiger Fencers Club London
    48T WATKINS, Aidan Salle Boston
    48T STRANGE, Oliver Salle Paul
    50 CHRISTOPHERS, Edward Fighting Fit Fencing Club
    51 CRAWFORD, Angus Salle Holyrood
    52 STEELE, Gabriel Salle Holyrood
    53 ASHBY, Duncan St Benedicts
    54 COCKBURN, Robbie Fence Like An Olympian
    55 JARVIE, LACHLAN Eltham College Fencing Club
    56 EHTESHAMI, Ardeshir Laszlo
    57 PLANT, Oscar Millfield
    58 ROBERTS, Dylan Millfield
    59 DAVIES, Jack Wrexham
    60 BRIGGS, Jamie Crawley Sword Club
    61 CONLIN, Peter Salle Holyrood
    62 MAGOR, Daniel Laszlo
    63 MOORE, James Edward CFSS
    64 ROCCATO, Francesco Eltham College Fencing Club
    65 KAN, Ka Shing Harrogate Fencing Club
    66 SIMMONDS, Benjamin Swindon Fencing Club
    67 MACKINTOSH, Toby Salle Holyrood
    68 MASON, Joel Nottingham Cavaliers

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