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Guys, let's put this into perspective.

British Fencing is losing 10,000 -20,000 a year on events without including staff costs. That is unsustainable.
Does this justify a lack of transparency?

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1. Raising revenues, by increasing the number of entries, and increasing the price per entry. The entry for the British Youth Championships will be 35. That compares with the entry fee for the England Youth Championships of 33.
Where or how do you account for the 30 poll tax (10 on three parents)?

The 35 is a portion of a total fee of 65.
The 35 portion (quoted) has increased from 24 which is 45% increase (yes a +45%)
The levy has changed to 30 from 28 which is 7% increase

The total fee has gone from 52 to 65 which is +25%

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The hope is the number of entries should go up given the selection criteria have been relaxed from one in four to one in three entries qualifying.
Why have the qualifiers at all? If we are so confident the 35 is the correct number we only have to double the number of entries at the BYC to increase the entry revenue. Or are we in denial about the existence of the 30 levy. In any case +45% should be more than enough to cover the losses on Championships that in 2017 didn't exist? or do they exist now? Who knows?

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2. Reducing costs. BF is looking at all aspects of running competitions to make sure that it continues to provide quality events, while keeping costs as low as possible.
Yes - Where is the evidence for this? I see plenty on the other side of the equation. Hidden in poll tax increases and the less hidden +45% increase.

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Compare this with the NAC in Kansas run by the US Fencing Association next month. There is a registration fee of $75 and an entry fee of $95 - total of $170 - that's 130 in sterling. The USFA makes more than $600,000 a year from its competitions.
Given we are looking at a fee of 65 (half of the 130 quoted) why isn't the profit on events $300k per year ? ....
Funny that.