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Thread: Piste side analysis

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    Default Piste side analysis

    How many coaches carry out a written hit by hit analysis as they watch their fencer compete?
    I noticed this first watching Bob Meshkov coaching several years ago. I was just reminded of Ziemeks black book.
    I was taught in five minutes a basic system for writing up the hits consisting of a handful of letters with a circle or a line. I'm curious if other coaches use a system of analysis like this or have any thoughts about the use of systems like this.
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    I've done it but consider the following:

    Where is the athlete in their development?
    What is the aim of the of the note taking?
    How often are you going to be piste side to do this?

    Stuff like that.

    If I take notes I take simple notes: L or R?
    Points scored: 1-0, 1-1,0-1
    Attack/Defence: A/D
    Quadrant of the piste: Left,Centre,Right
    Win for my fencer: Y/N

    That kind of thing.

    And I'd draw that up as a matrix and have it ready to go before the note taking is due to start.

    If it's a training environment we can do more - there's plenty of time.

    If you're competing at a high level you probably want to do this or have someone do it. Even if it is only feeback for the coach back home. I would also be videoing the bouts if possible - it's much better to find the time to review bouts. TBH I don't do enough of this.
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