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    Several years ago I remember a change in the rules of British Fencing that now requires fencers to wear breeches if they are using a size 5 electric weapon, or steam sabre/epee as well. I do have to say that I have no memory of any news about an injury that had necessitated this change, just that it became the case and as I was coaching beginners with steam foil it didn't really become an issue. Later coaching at a three weapon club, again it wasn't much of an issue as we were in a reasonably opulent area and the additional cost of breeches was no issue. In recent years I have visited several other clubs including University clubs were the breeches requirement seems to be rather loosely enforced. As far as I'm concerned this means that those fencers are not insured if something were to happen.
    What I wonder is whether this rule is actually realistic, or creates a barrier to the sport?
    I also wonder why we have it. I have also had the opportunity to fence at clubs elsewhere and have repeatedly seen world class international fencers training, not wearing breeches. So what is this really all about?
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    I've always fenced in breeches, mainly because if I'm competing in breeches, it makes sense to train in them too. I no longer compete and I went to fence electric for the first time in a very long time. I now have the bruise the size of an egg on the upper inside of my thigh which did bleed and a graze where the point slide across my other leg. I now see why breeches are necessary!

    I'm not sure why uni student don't wear breeches as much as they should. The majority of the ones that don't wear breeches do have them, and in my club there are breeches to borrow should they need them. It could definitely be an issue in other clubs though which aren't as well stocked in kit as mine.

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    These are the July 17 BF approved safety guidelines.

    Should be adhered too, unfortunately there are a few places (not just some Uni's) who don't seem to follow them and are just potentially accidents waiting to happen.

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