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    I think I may have found the worst article on recommending fencing shoes on the internet. Not least because it doesn't recommend any actual fencing shoes.

    There don't seem to be too any shoes available on the market at the moment. Do we know when nike/adidas plan to release a new pair?

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    Daughter gave up on fencing shoes years ago, found Nike to be far too flimsy, and was upset when Adidas stopped producing the black + white model that were hard wearing - protective - and supportive.
    Now swears by Netball trainers, and for margins of the price, why not...
    Hasn't had a pair yet that hasn't held up for a season or against metal pistes.

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    I also swear by handball shoes.

    Any regular court shoe should do the trick but the ones that appear popular are: tennis, handball & netball.

    My asics gel cost me about 30, are comfy, grippy and last.
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    I bought my boy a pair of adidas Fencing shoes.. but he kept wearing his Nike running trainers for fencing..
    And the orange adidas was his fashion shoe..
    Asics do make great trainers and a lot of fencers wear the Asic Squash model of trainers.
    Good luck

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