Congratulations on competing in the 2018 Leon Paul Junior Series. Fencers who finished in the top 8 of the 2018 LPJS rankings are eligible to claim a prize.

You can check your final rankings for the 2018 season via the archive page of the LPJS website.

How to Claim your prize

Go to the LPJS website and click Archive on the top menu bar

Once you are on the page, select the year (2018) then your age group, gender & weapon and click 'search'

This will display the final rankings for 2018, if you are in the top 8 it will tell you your prize and give you the option to 'claim' your prize by clicking the 'Claim' link.

This will take you to a new page where you can input your details, you need to complete each field and make sure you get the fencers date of birth correct!

Once the form is complete click 'SEND IN YOUR CLAIM!'

Deadline for Claiming

All prizes need to be claimed before midnight on the 14th January 2018. Leon Paul will then process all the claims and post out the prizes. Prizes can not be claimed after this date.

There are a total of 201 prizes for the 2018 LPJS season. This will take some time to process so it might take up to 6 weeks after the claim deadline to receive your prize.

Prizes for 2018

1st = 60 Leon Paul voucher & 2018 LPJS Winners t-shirt
2nd = 40 Leon Paul voucher & 2018 LPJS Finalist t-shirt
3rd = 20 Leon Paul voucher & 2018 LPJS Finalist t-shirt
4th - 8th = 2018 LPJS Finalist t-shirt

If fencers are in an equal position the prizes are shared, e.g. if there are 2 fencers in join 1st place the total prize fund for both places is 100 (60 + 40) which is split 50 each.

LPJS 2019

Competitions for the 2019 season have already been posted and are taking entries via the website. Don't miss out on the start to the season and check your new age groups for next year when entering.

19th January - LPJS Fairfield Epee
20th January - LPJS Stratford Sabre
27th January - LPJS London Sabre
2nd & 3rd February - LPJS London Epee

Happy Christmas and good luck for next season