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Thread: BUCS Individuals 2019

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    Default BUCS Individuals 2019

    Information about the event will be posted here once entries have closed.

    For now, it is important for university fencers to note that the new non-combativity rule will NOT be enforced at any BUCS events (team or individual) this season.

    Explicitly, there will be no cards awards for non-combativity in either team matches or at the Individual Championships, and any instance of non-combativity will move the match on to the next period/relay without penalty to either fencer.

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    Where it mentions we need an NGB membership card on the entry information does that refer to British Fencing? Because they donít do membership cards anymore, so would a printout of the Sport80 page be acceptable?

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    Quote Originally Posted by LiamWinstanley View Post
    Where it mentions we need an NGB membership card on the entry information does that refer to British Fencing? Because they donít do membership cards anymore, so would a printout of the Sport80 page be acceptable?
    The check is done online. No printout necessary, it's a generic bit of information for all sports.

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    Online results will be posted here throughout the weekend:

    Looking forward to seeing you in Sheffield!

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