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    Default England Youth Championships

    Entries for the England Youth Championships are now open on Sport:80!

    Get your entries in early to avoid late entry fees/entry caps!

    Some significant changes from previous years:

    1. Entry caps have been raised to allow as many fencers to compete as possible.

    2. This has meant that we need to split all three weapons over both days, in contrast to previous years where foil has been on the Saturday, and epee on the Sunday.

    3. There is a chance that one event will need to run its poules in two waves. This will be communicated to all those affected within five working days of entries closing, and all the information to minimise delays and facilitate logistics will be communicated then.

    The competition info pack can be found on the Sport:80 website.

    Any queries, questions or comments should be directed to me via email:

    Look forward to seeing you there!

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    EYCs entries will be copied from Sport:80 to here on a weekly basis, as well as a copy of the waiting list:

    If you spot any errors, please let me know so that I can fix them on the engarde site (I can't change Sport:80), which is where we'll be running the competition off.

    Get your entries in! Some age groups are already halfway to the cap!

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    Under-15 Boys' Epee is full! Please don't hesitate to enter and place yourself on the waiting list, we will do everything within our power to clear the waiting list and let you fence!

    That said, in other age groups... don't wait to enter, most age groups are getting very close to their caps and we can't guarantee everyone on the waiting list will be able to fence, they will be added to the event on a first-come, first-served basis.

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    Default Late Entries & Waiting Lists

    Late entry fees kick in on 1st June! Get your entry in before the event fulls and/or you have to pay an increased entry fee!

    I've also discovered that the waiting list function on Sport:80 might not be working - so if you would like to join the waiting list for any event that is full please email

    I will reply asap with your position in the waiting list, places are allocated on a first-come, first-served basis. We are currently very optimistic that we will be able to cater to all requests on the present waiting list.

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    The main entry window is closed, late entries are now being accepted!

    All entries that were on the waiting list as of midnight last night have been accepted onto the main entry list - if you are having difficulties with Sport:80, just email me at and I'll expedite the admin process for you.

    For all entrants: please check that your name and club are correct on Sport:80, we will not be able to guarantee making changes on the day so please check in advance:

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    Default Final Joining Information

    Dear all,

    On behalf of England Fencing I would like to say that we, the board, and all of our staff and volunteers look forward to welcoming you to Hatfield this weekend for the England Youth Championships.

    In this email, I am sending you some final information regarding the event so that you can finalise any plans you have for this weekend.

    1. Venue Information

    The venue is the Hertfordshire Sports Village, De Havilland Campus, Mosquito Way, Hatfield, Hertfordshire, AL10 9EU. The satnav can often take you around to the back of the building so if you are driving, once you see signs for the University of Hertfordshire you should probably follow them instead of trusting the satnav blindly.

    The venue opens at 8am on Saturday and Sunday. If you arrive before 8am, there will be a barrier set up to form a queue for entry into the venue as soon as the building is open. Please use the queue system for entry into the venue as we do not want to unneccessarily inconvenience the other paying customers of the venue.

    There is a small cafe on-site but you may wish to bring packed meals with you in the event that either they run out or the queue is overly long!

    Parking at the venue is free on the weekend.

    2. Entry List, Seeding & Competition Format

    The entry lists and seedings have been published online at this link:

    Please do check that your entry has been recorded accurately including name spelling, club affiliation, and seeding. The Under-15 events have been seeded according to the EF Under-17 ranking, the Under-13 events have been seeded according to the EF Under-14 ranking, and the Under-11 events have been seeded according to the Under-11 Leon Paul Junior Series ranking.

    If you spot any errors please let me know by reply to this email no later than 3pm on Friday.

    The competition formats have also been published online, in all events there will be one round of poules followed by direct elimination. All fencers will be promoted to the direct elimination rounds and there will be a joint-third place.

    2. Kit Requirements & Match limits

    All matches in the poules will be to 5 hits or 3 minutes.

    For Under-11s and Under-13s, D.E. matches will be to 10 hits comprising three periods of 2-minutes with a 1-minute break between each period. In sabre, there will be a 1-minute break when the first fencer reaches 5 hits.

    For Under-15s, D.E. matches will be to 15 hits comprising three periods of 3-minutes with a 1-minute break between each period. In sabre, there will be a 1-minute break when the first fencer reaches 8 hits.

    Under-11s and Under-13s must be wearing a 350N plastron at all times. Conductive bibs at foil are not required.

    Under-15s must be wearing a 800N plastron. Sabreurs must be wearing a 800N glove. Conductive bibs at foil are compulsory.

    At epee, sabre masks and foil masks with a conductive bib are not permitted.

    Socks must be knee-length and fit under the elastic cuff of the breeches at all three weapons.

    NB: The new non-combativity rule will not be enforced at the EYCs. Until a seminar has been delivered to referees in the UK explaining how to apply the rule, EF events will not apply the P-card version of the non-combativity rule.

    3. Check-in closing Times

    On Saturday:

    8:30 check-in close: Under-11 Boys' Epee, Under-13 Girls' Epee, Under-13 Boys' Foil, Under-15 Boys' Sabre
    11:00 check-in close: Under-13 Girls' Sabre, Under-15 Boys' Epee
    13:00 check-in close: Under-11 Girls' Foil, Under-11 Boys' Sabre, Under-15 Girls' Foil

    On Sunday:

    8:30 check-in close: Under-11 Boys' Foil, Under-13 Boys' Epee, Under-13 Boys' Sabre, Under-15 Boys' Foil
    10:30 check-in close: Under-15 Girls' Epee
    13:00 check-in close: Under-11 Girls' Epee, Under-11 Girls' Sabre, Under-13 Girls' Foil, Under-15 Girls' Sabre

    4. Photography

    If, for any reason, you do not wish you or your child to be photographed at the event please let me know by 3pm on Friday by reply to this email so that appropriate arrangements can be made.

    5. Implementing British Fencing's New Safeguarding & Best Practice Guidelines

    I would like to take the opportunity to point you in the direction of a recent article written by British Fencing CEO, Georgina Usher:

    Please pass this information on to the coaches from your clubs, we will be implementing the guidelines laid out in this article and clamping down on all instances of tactical piste-side coaching, and overly exuberant support. We, as your event service staff, will greatly appreciate your support in making the EYC environment a welcoming, and most importantly, fun arena for the young fencers.

    If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

    Looking forward to seeing you all this weekend.

    Best wishes,

    Alex Savin

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