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Thread: Club sign in app, any ideas?

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    Default Club sign in app, any ideas?

    Looking to update our club sign in process, and thought it'd be trivial to find an app that'd run on a tablet, sat on the table inside the door on club evening. Let members select their name, tick they are here.

    Linked to the interweb it'll store week by week attendance, remind peeps when their BF membership expires, it'll let visitors leave their details etc. etc. capture ICE details, you know all those things we’ve currently got on 87 different Excel sheets and bits of paper.

    Can I find anything? Can I heck.

    Of course we'd rather use a free app, but will pay a bit if we need.

    Can't seem to find anything close - Keep getting sent down rabbit holes full of apps to let you manage a football team remotely, or book a tennis fixture on line.

    Anyone else though about this?

    James, St Albans Fencing Club

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    Have you looked at Teamapp? Not sure if it will do exactly what you need but has lots of functions.

    Used for cricket and performing arts group.

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    Looked at TeamApp and looks like a whatsapp for clubs - great for creating a team from a list of players and getting fixture info out to that group.
    Doesn't seem to do the basic task we need of one device where many people can simply pull down their name and tick 'I'm here'.

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    There are a couple of free visitor management ones here which might be of help but I don't know if they will run on a tablet or ipad

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    Salle Ossian has a system similar to what you are looking for, perhaps you may wish to send a message out to them?

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