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    Just returned home from Newham BRC cadet foil.
    Perfectly well run competition, however......
    I could not help notice that ther was not 1 metallic piste. Every other BRC Bristol, FCL, Newcastle, Nottingham, Manchester all have majority metal pistes.
    It is my belief that to hold a BRC there is a competitive tender process, which I assume involves payment to BF. should there not be a minimum standard of facilities also? A tournament in the provences will not have the numbers attend that 1 in the capital does, but yet, the tournaments in the provinces have invested in the hire of metallic pistes & thus have a superior field of play.
    Just because a tournament is in the Captal it does not excuse them from providing quality facilities does it?

    Not a critisisum of any tournament, more the procurement process in which they are awarded.

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    I believe the expression of interest to run BRC's was around this time last year. (The start of the "RFP" if that is what is is. I am not aware of the economics of it all or if there is much competition to run a BRC - i have a feeling not too much)

    The question on number of metallic pistes was/is asked. But how that translate to being approved ...
    I really like the way the RAF open team communicate the build up. On number of FIE refs, etc ...

    (I think a request for BRC for Epee relating to this season was also asked in Jan. Which was followed by some clarification on the season start for Cadets)

    One thing I notice is that post the BRC's there are no feedback surveys that I have seen. I think some of the BF "run" events do have a survey. I believe the LPJS regardless of where or who runs it seems to have a survey sent by the LP centre. And the Elite Epee always seems to have a post competition wrap up email and request for feedback - invite to the next etc... All sensible things in my view in terms of customer service / continuous improvements.

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