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Thread: Announcing a new team league: the J4G Design Foil league

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    Default Announcing a new team league: the J4G Design Foil league

    The J4G Design Foil League is a London based team league for Foil clubs running in the traditional fencing ‘closed season’: June – August.

    The teams can be mens, womens or mixed - the idea is to encourage more teams to enter as some clubs may not be able to enter a team of one gender or another.

    The format

    Standard poule unique, where all teams fence one another once, with the teams separated by:

    • points scored (3 points for a victory)
    • hit difference (for/against)
    • hits scored

    After the complete round of fixtures the top 4 teams will break off into a play-off of two semi-finals and then a final of the winning teams. This will decide the league’s winning team.

    Teams will fence in venues that are available over the league period, although if they are closed for part of it that's not a problem. They still have the entire period to complete their fixtures and can do so elsewhere.

    Matches are to be self-refereed with the possibility of having paid referees, if available, for the play-off rounds.


    The winning team:

    • £100 prize money

    The top 4 teams:

    • t-shirts for each fencer
    • medals for each fencer


    Fee: £40 per team

    Clubs may enter as many teams as they like. Each team must nominate a team captain who is responsible for making sure that their team attends matches and who is willing to be a point of contact. Only teams that have paid their entry fee will be added to the league table.

    Although the league is described as being based in London any club is welcome to join if they think that they can attend and take part.

    Any fees required for venues will be aimed to be covered by the league.

    For more details ask away! Or email me at! Or have a look at the website

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    Just a little bump! There’s been lots it’s of interest which is fantastic but the more the merrier! Remember that there’s money and other prizes on offer and an opportunity for lots of team fencing over the summer.

    If you have any questions send me a private message or get in touch on one of the other channels!

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