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Thread: Jim Amberton passed away 24th March 2006

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    Jim Amberton passed away 24th March 2006

    For all coaches and friends of Jim, I forward this message from Steve Smith

    It is with regret and sorrow that we announce that at approx.1.00am on Friday 24th March 2006, Jim Amberton passed away.
    Jim had been taken into hospital on Tuesday evening where it was discovered that he had chicken pox, which had entered into his lungs giving him breathing problems. Sadly this grew worse and on Thursday afternoon the doctors decided to induce Jim into a coma but his condition deteriorated during the night.
    The speed of his deterioration was a shock to us all and he will be sorely missed.
    We will let you all know of the arrangements for his funeral.
    Steve Smith
    Leicester Fencing Club

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    I got the email yesterday.

    I knew Jim. He coached for for a couple of years whilst I was on the cadet squad and helped me get past some of the problems I was having. At the East Midlands senior championships only a few months ago, he was still interested to see how I had improved.

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    Jim related anecdote's

    I would quite like to hear about Jim related anecdotes. If you have any please post them.

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    Oh I have tons of anecdotes.

    At the Cadet Winton one year, it was the morning of the second day of fencing. Everyone had just began their rounds and Jim blew a whistle really loudly. Everyone in the hall stopped fencing instantly. He had only blown the whistle because he had nothing else to do.

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    Working with Jim at East Midland Cadet Squad was an amazing experience. His blend of Sergeant Major and Kindly Uncle and his dry sense of humour always kept the youngsters on their toes.

    His boots will be hard to fill, but we have to try so that the Squad which he worked so hard to keep going over the last few years flourishes in his memory.

    Alright matey!
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    Jim was in cahrge of the EM cadet squad when my brother and i fenced for them...7 ish years ago it must've been . It is with deep sorrow i heard the news and my brother, who's not fenced for some years, was also very saddened to hear it. He and i both remember Jim fondly.

    He got the best out of a cadet squad that wasn't amazing and all the cadets had fun representing the EM under his guidance.

    I remember him doing the countdown music during one fight as one of the Welsh lads was late on the piste. Each time the music stopped, we got another hit. Excellent!

    He will be missed, a good bloke!

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    I only knew him for about eighteen months, but he had such an effect in that short time. Thanks to him, I've grown to love this evil art and have never looked back. His odd little jokes never failed to amuse - the one about the sex crazed clam springs to mind amongst others. His stories about his hamster with all the impressions were absolutely hilarious.
    Aside from the joker, he was a very generous man. He always had time for those who knew him, even if it involved getting up ridiculously early on a Sunday morning to take somebody to a competition. Pubs and restaurants loved him, especially when he'd had a few drinks and he'd found an excuse to buy enough champagne for everyone (Even when there were thirty of us present).
    He is already being sorely missed in Leicester, both at Leicester Fencing and the University. However, the show must go on. It would be a dire shame to see all that he built up across Leicestershire and the East Midlands go with him.

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    JIM's Remembrance Service 20th May 2006

    I enclose details of Jimís remembrance service.

    Jim has been a selfless contributor to fencing in this
    area not least his major contribution to coaching and
    fencing administration. Last year he won the Leicester
    Lord Mayorís Award as Volunteer of the Year.
    Under Jimís directorship the Leicestershire County
    Fencing Union had organised the New Leicester Leon
    Paul Junior Foil Competition. The County have decided
    to dedicate the competition in memory of Jim by
    accepting donations in the form of Large Cups for the

    I look forward to seeing you on Saturday 20th May


    There will be a memorial service for Jim Amberton at
    7.30pm Saturday 20th May 2006 at Uppingham Schoolís
    Chapel, High Street West, Uppingham.
    The service will last approx. 45mins.
    Following the service the Leicestershire & Rutland
    County Fencing Union has organised a party including
    buffet & disco starting at 8.30pm to 1.00am at the
    Falcon Hotel, The Market Place, Uppingham, Rutland,
    LE15 9PY (tel. 01572 832535) all are welcome.
    Rooms are available at the Falcon Hotel should you
    wish to stay over.

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    Default still missed

    Today Would have been Jim's 52nd Birthday, its hard to believe it has almost been 5 years since his passing. Still think about him and miss him as a good and reliable friend. Sadly i never got to the scattering of his ashes in Mundsley, maybe one day i will. All my love Martin x

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    oh my god 52nd birthday ayyy? certainly didnt act like his age i remember when i first started at and he told me to come down to the east midlands squad after 3months of fencing, certainly wasnt possible to be here without his help and his guide to staying on the path and the swift sword a cross the mask when i did something wrong :P but known only as a legend to everyone that knew him lots of love, conor sharman <3 xxx
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    To quote Terry Pratchett ďA man is not dead while his name is still spoken.Ē

    I miss you Jim. You were the coach that gave me the sword and I'll always remember your stupid jokes and drunken antics.
    "How does an Elephant ask for a cream bun?"
    ::Strange trunk like arm gesures::
    "Can I have a cream bun please"

    -Jim Amberton (1959-2006)

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